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Sunday, September 3rd - It's All About Me

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Theme for 2017:

Values-Based Spiritual Living

September Value: Community Service

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September 3rd 2017 
10 -11 am


Char Face
 Charlene Banks, RScP

"It's All About Me"

Join us we kick off September's theme of Community Service! This week, guest speaker Charlene Banks (RScP) will be looking at how our philosophy and teachings have the potential to change the way the world works from struggle to freedom; and yet, we cannot give away something we have not got. We first prove the Law to ourselves by demonstrating Good that supports the structure of our own lives in prosperous and loving ways. In this knowing, we can then raise others with us. When we raise others, we bear witness and honor the Spirit within us all. 


Coffee and tea will be served. All are welcome!



Our Vision Statement:

To awaken our inherent Oneness
with Divine Source, our planet and each other,
and then act knowing
that Oneness matters.


September Affirmation:

We dedicate our time, talent, treasure and expertise to the healthy and joyful evolution of our spiritual community, the community in which we live and the greater community of the world.




Book of the Month:

September Books


Your Life Isn’t For You – Seth Adams Smith

Doing Good Better – William MacAskill



Arc of Loudoun Paxton Campus
In the ALLY Advocacy Bldg.
601 Catoctin Circle NE
Leesburg, VA 20176