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The Power of the 4 States of Awareness

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Here at CSL Leesburg, we sometimes use the framework of the 4 states of Awareness first presented by Michael Beckwith. We find this uniquely helpful because it can be applied to any situation; one can always take a moment and see which of these states of awareness they might be operating out of. Rather than feeling daunted by a single leap from "non-conscious" to "conscious" thinking, this framework provides the room to practice non-judgement and gently nudge oneself along the road to a more beneficial perspective.



"To me".

2In this perspective, there is a sense of things operating against you. Others are painted as antagonists and circumstances are seen as hinderances. This is "survival mode", and there's a reason for its existence! It helps us to become aware of what we want and how we would like to be treated by others around us. In "Law of Attraction" lingo, this would be called the "contrast". Think of it as going through a few flavors of ice cream before finding one we really enjoy. When we start to move into this direction of thinking, we can start to feel safe even in the midst of our discomfort, empowered in the knowledge that we can create something more enjoyable for ourselves.


"By me".

3In this perspective, we realize that we have power that we were previously unaware. The focus shifts onto what we do have, what we can do, what we do enjoy. We look around and realize that to some extent, we ordered the previous array of ice cream flavors. It's at this point that we decide to stop complaining to the chef, and get into the kitchen ourselves. We start experimenting with tastes and getting to know ourselves as a creator.


"Through me".

4In this mode, we have made an ice cream flavor that was beyond what we had even anticipated or imagined. We realize that while we are creators, there is a creative force moving through us. Gratitude and curiosity take precedence as we ironically return to an empowered version of the backseat, surrendering to the artistry of the universe as it takes form by guiding our hands.


"As me".

5We've come full circle. Now we're venturing out of the kitchen, the experience having become a part of us. Having had the messy and beautiful journey, we have a renewed appreciation for ourselves and our fellow creators. We're ready to color outside of the lines. Wherever we go, we carry the creative code and everything is a source of inspiration.



Tune in to CSL Leesburg's weekly Sunday service or join a weekday class to learn more about how the way we see the world around us affects our creative aptitude! 

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