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Here at CSL Leesburg, we sometimes use the framework of the 4 states of Awareness first presented by Michael Beckwith. We find this uniquely helpful because it can be applied to any situation; one can always take a moment and see which of these states of awareness they might be operating out of. Rather than feeling daunted by a single leap from "non-conscious" to "conscious" thinking, this framework provides the room to practice non-judgement and gently nudge oneself along th...
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The way you start your morning affects the rest of your day. The way you set the tone with how you show up for yourself trickles down into how you show up for others. Taking good, conscious care of ourselves directly benefits our friends, family, in work, with other drivers on the road, etc. Here are some tips on starting your morning in alignment so that you feel empowered as the day moves forward!
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