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Conscious Giving Program:  

Prosperity 2024

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The Conscious Giving Program is an invitation to deepen in our own spiritual practice by joyfully accessing the Law of Circulation through the practice of conscious and consistent financial support of our Center resulting in increased abundance for ourselves and our community.

Why give regularly?

Our commitment to give regularly helps us build a responsible budget and helps the Center have a more steady stream of income, even when members are away.

How do my contributions support my prosperity?

Members’ consistent use of the Law of Circulation creates more abundance in our own lives.                                                                                                          

How do my contributions affect the Center and the world?

The Center experiences more abundance and therefore is able to circulate our good through our quarterly tithing program. These tithes support local organizations and beyond. Increased funds also help to expand services to our community.

Why should I decide now?
Our budget depends on conscious givers like you! We incur costs in providing weekly workshops, Sunday inspirational talks, and infrastructure on an ongoing basis. We are able to plan more effectively when we can count on your support!

How It Works


The program is completely voluntary. Everyone is welcomed and supported at CSL Leesburg regardless of participation or level of giving.


Through a process of spiritual discernment, members and regular contributors of the Center declare a specific amount of financial support that will be given over the coming year.


If at any time, your financial circumstances change and you’d like to adjust the amount of your annual commitment, simply notify the Center of that change. (email us at info@cslleesburg.org).